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Introduction to the common measures of industrial wastewater treatment

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  The common way of industrial waste water treatment is to add coagulant to suspension flocculation sedimentation, at the same time some pollutants such as ammonia nitrogen, heavy metal ions, organic adsorption were settling into the sludge. Sometimes before adding coagulant, haining high container filters to add lime (Ca (OH) 2) the pH value of wastewater to 8-10, produce cupric hydroxide precipitation, reoccupy dry sludge pump pumping sludge pool.

  In general, only add lime milk is difficult to make the heavy metal ion precipitation completely. At the same time, because most of the heavy metal hydroxide are tiny suspended or colloidal form, natural sedimentation or settling time is long, it is difficult to accelerate its settlement, so will add inorganic coagulants or organic polymer flocculant chemical coagulation. , on the other hand, after lime tone contours, add alum flowers large, which is formed by the coagulant sedimentation quickly, at the same time saving coagulant dosage.


  At present with a wide range of chemical coagulants are: (1) alkali type polyaluminium chloride (PAC); (2) polypropylene phthalein amine (PAJM); (3) in addition to aluminum sulfate, ferrous sulfate, etc.

  Normally it is advisable to choose the PAC, because it has the following advantages:

  (1) the pH application range is wide, are within the range 4-10 flocculation effect;

  (2) of the heavy metal ions in the water has obvious removal effect;

  (3) not only can effectively remove the suspended solids in the water, and can remove the BOD in the water, chromaticity, sulfide and stench, etc.

  (4) of the emulsified oil wastewater with good demulsification and removing effect;

  (5) has broken network effect to complex wastewater;

6. Drug dosing quantity is little, the production of sludge quantity is little, have a good performance/cost ratio.

  Wastewater after adjust pH hydrolysis subsidence, such as after coagulation precipitation is still not ideal, can add a certain amount of Na2S further precipitation.