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The contraction of filtering equipment should be how to solve the problem?

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  In our common compressed air filters, for various reasons caused by equipment filter bag shrinkage problem is very common, this time we need to analyze the cause of the problem and the solution, help you better use.

  Problem a: high temperature burning

  In some industrial process of high temperature flue gas, the temperature will be high and low extremely unstable, this time is also a filter bag is easy to be hurt, this will seriously affect the service life of filter bag and even damage purification equipment. Facing this situation, it is suggested that use in high temperature condition for precoat filter bag in the gray processing, such as a layer of lime powder coating on the surface or kaolin clay, so that it can effectively reduce the dangers of high temperature on the filter bag.

  Problem two: high temperature contraction

  If appear this kind of circumstance is due to the basic equipment of all kinds of filter material because of different temperature, when the temperature is beyond the use of filter material temperature after filter bag can appear the phenomenon of contraction, even can't take out the equipment, which also can be divided into the following several kinds of phenomena:

  1, cannot be pumped from the device filter bag and filter bag contraction;

  2, the bottom of filter bag especially cage be broken and shrinkage problem;

  3, if the equipment bag cage above filter bag, or sometimes on spray torch, contracted in the filter bag.

  Question 3: damp heat shrinkage

  This is a kind of shrinkage, but the situation is relatively special, refers to the fiber temperature is 130 ℃ and that there are a large number of moisture of filter bag will be affected by damp and hot shrinkage.