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What factors affect the cleaning filter effect?

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  What factors affect the cleaning filter effect? I think a lot of friends is not very understanding, then today by the genesis of the technical staff for everyone to explain the problem, in general factors that affect cleaning filter effect has four pressure size, cleanliness, gas filter materials and filter structure. The following is to specific look at the four factors.

  1, pressure is too small, it is absolutely shaking don't clean powder deposition on the surface of the filter, the filter strength to bear ability permits, shaking the greater the pressure, the better, general coating equipment manufacturers set up 5 kg of air pressure, the main consideration to the conventional filter on the market capacity is limited, the saifu company with special material of the filter can bear the pressure of (8 ~ 10 kg, shaking when filter deformation structure will not take off the lid, the filter cloth won't cracked the tear.

  2, by compressed air into the electromagnetic valve of the gas will also affect the effect, if the oil gas contains moisture, oil and water will permeate inside the filter material and plastic powder bonded together, then pressure too big can't type powder deposition on the surface of the filter cloth, so the powder spray room air compressor must configure corresponding filter for oil water separation.

  3, powder recovery filter filter material quality itself will also affect the effect of whey powder, compared with domestic filter material, imports of high-quality filter material powder off more easily; Compared to conventional polyester fiber filter cloth, filtration material after surface treatment of whey powder effect is more obvious, such as base cloth surface do fluorine resin processing, filter have demonstrated the oil waterproof antifouling function; In the base cloth for ptfe coated surface treatment, filter is characterized by filtering surface morphology, plastic powder will not enter inside the filter material, pulse shaking powder can fall off entire.

  4, the appearance of the filter element structure can directly affect the effect of black powder. Relative to the traditional drum filter, the shape of the cone filter on the small plastic powder when pulse shaking is easier to fall off. Bottom leakage type filter to shake down the powder directly down to the bottom of the powder room, small diameter light lawn from the filter in shock pulse airflow can make filter cloth outward expansion, fell on the surface of the filter cloth of plastic powder.