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Maintenance method of dust removal filter used for a long time

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  Dust removal filter maintenance is a more important matters, so how do we go in peacetime to maintain? The genesis of the staff made the following answer. Due to the long time use, dust removal filter cloth filter aperture will be a lot of dust in the air and congestion, caused by dust cloth clean or not in time, and seriously affect the filter's utilization rate, make its service life is greatly reduced, so to form the habit of clear in time is essential.

  In general, in use after a period of time, should be in the timely processing filter dust, usually after 1000 hours.

  But in dealing with a filter element, to use professional tool to remove the clean, so as not to damage the filter cloth filter, if mishandled, break the filter element, to replace timely and quickly, in order to avoid causing unnecessary consequences, or were found in the filter is bad also to the timely replacement.

  And pay attention to more is observed at the bottom of the safety net, to update or repair. Use dust removal must be in accordance with the relevant provisions of steps to implement. The use of dust removal filter will be longer.