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What types filter oil machine filter equipment and advantages

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  Filter oil machine is oil filter and filter devices, such devices are what kind? They are also what are the advantages?


  (1) the plastic filter device, the device adopts a certain heat corrosion resistant engineering plastics, repass moulded with depth filtration effect is burned into porous filter. This filter equipment can be according to certain maintenance procedures after maintenance, continue to use.


  (2) microporous filter paper filter equipment, is a kind of special resin impregnated filter paper, stiffness and strength after thermal curing treatment has greatly improved, can withstand a certain pressure difference. But because of the amount in the process of using, so short service life. In order to overcome this shortcoming, often on the inner wall of the filter with net or lining shelves, or on the surface of the filter paper rolling out waveform corrugated, its service life can be improved 2 ~ 3 times. Does not generally carried out on the paper filter maintenance, blocked directly replace filter. Paper filter usually press in the main oil passage over all flow filter, but also can be installed in parallel to the main oil way on shunt shunt branch of filtering.


  (3) band steel or brass rolled into the wound type filter, at regular intervals on the surface of a convex shape, raised the height of 0.04 ~ 0.04 mm, the surface of the metal belt around a fluted corrugated tube, a stripe on the bottom and the next stripe bulge physiognomy contact, gaps are formed, which is winding slot filter.


  (4) the centrifugal filter can use pressure lubrication system itself, by oil through the nozzle to produce a reaction moment, drive the rotor rotation, the oil under the action of centrifugal force inside the rotor, separating solid impurities, accumulating on the inner wall of the rotor, the rotor center part of the oil becomes clean, from the nozzle flow back into the oil pan. This is the principle of centrifugal filter. If the central part of the rotor of the oil directly into the main oil way, become the whole flow centrifugal filter, and the structure called a shunt centrifugal filter. Centrifugal filter is mainly used in centrifuge.


  5. Sawdust filter is also called sawdust filter, with red and white pine sawdust as raw material, through the sieve separation, mix with the pulp mold forming, drying dehydration, sawdust single varieties of filter material, process simple operation, good filtering fineness, this is the advantage of it. However, due to the filter structure is compact, resistance is bigger, a shorter service life, can only be used for bypass filtration.


  6 metal mesh filter is made of 100 ~ 200 per inch to phosphorus copper wire gauze or brass wire mesh filter material, filter with cylindrical and laminated shape. Metal mesh filter flow is big, small resistance, reliable function, easy to clean, commonly used over all flow filtration. The hole filter fineness miniaturization: a specification. In recent years due to the development of chemical industry, has now been useful supporting mesh skeleton by nylon material, use nylon fabric instead of metal mesh, such a structure, save the non-ferrous metal, is conducive to production development.


  All kinds of filter equipment for oil filter function is different, and the most common is the metal mesh filter, the filter of oil filter is very simple, and easy to clean, are filter oil machine filter equipment of toad hall.