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The quality of the filter device and the relationship between the filtering effect

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  In general, in order to improve the quality of the flow of water, people can make water flows through a lot of filter equipment, therefore, when we in the choose and buy water purifier, the first thing to see is a few grade filter water purifier. Primary and secondary water purifier is only one and two filter equipment, basic is the elimination of the product on the market, to filter out the poor water quality, it is best not to use. If in order to save money, you can consider tertiary water purifier filter device; If is pay attention to health, safety and health, water purifier is the best choice for more than four, because when the tap water after a 5 filter purification equipment, the impurities in the water, bacteria, viruses will be thoroughly cleared, to mouth feeling will be very pure and sweet.


  If a level 3 or level 4 to filter water purifier, the water inlet of the first PP cotton or hollow fiber in filter equipment, so after using for a long time, must be replaced, because PP cotton and hollow fiber cannot be washed, so often need to change, otherwise it will block, filter device and a blockage rot, fermentation, stink, filtered tap water was the second time pollution.


  When we buy water purifier, the best choose and buy high quality filter equipment, such as precision ceramic filter equipment. In water purifiers, precision ceramic filter equipment must be used as the first level filter equipment filtering, so that all the impurities in the water, bacteria can be cut off in the surface of the ceramic filter, used after a period of time, only need to be cleaned, don't have to be replaced. And at the end of the outlet of a filter device to achieve precision of 0.01 microns, can absolutely filter out bacteria and viruses in water.