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The influencing factors of cleaning filter equipment powder surface area

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  For powder deposition on the surface of the filter device to clean methods mainly include pulse shock type, namely compressed air through the solenoid valve in an instant from the inside out, forming a stream of air flow in the inner side of the filter device, the finished product powder on the surface of filter equipment to clean up, the factors that affect the cleaning efficiency of accumulated powder mainly has four kinds: air pressure, cleanliness, gas filter materials and filter size structure.


  If pressure is too small is definitely will play clean filter equipment accumulated powder on the surface of the earthquake, in the case of filter equipment strength to withstand permit, shock pressure is bigger, the better, generally the coating equipment are equipped with 5 kg of air pressure, it mainly takes into consideration the conventional filter devices on the market.


  By compressed air into the electromagnetic valve of the gas can also affect reverse effect, compared with the domestic about material, imported high quality about off powder easier; Compared with traditional polyester fiber filter cloth, after surface treatment about material is better in terms of cleaning up accumulated powder.


  The appearance of the filter device structure of mutual affection effect has direct influence. Compared with traditional drum filter device, the shape of a narrow conical filter on the big, in the use of pulse when the earthquake hit, accumulated powder is easier to fall off, the filter device to make the bottom leakage type down the powder directly down to the bottom of the powder room, small diameter from shallow folding filter in pulse when the earthquake hit, airflow can make filter cloth outward expansion, which fell on the surface of the filter cloth of accumulated powder.